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Design & Development in harmony with spatial and aesthetic attributes.



After a successful short career in business in Chile with a degree in economy and business, she made her favorite hobby in her business and life.

It has been already 20 years from her first project. Service is not only providing residential interior design or construction, but it is also about creating a bond between their surroundings.

“I enjoy helping create anharmonic space where luxury flows..”

You can find her projects and touches in around the world. Clients range from a single family or person to renowned business people as well as celebrities. Her team has grown around her becoming her second family and part of their success, proving trust and service through the lifetime. 

We love to find properties where we can develop our knowledge and build a dream house or/and fantastic investment. Design services go from picking material, organize areas, design new spaces, select furniture, textures, and counseling about  construction. House ready to live and enjoy, with every single detail that you need without going out even for a bottle of water.

For construction we have a great construction company that we have been working for more than 18 years, but we are open to working as  a team with any other company of your trust.